WHMCS Client Notifications (1)

Ability to send messages to customers

css (2)

Examples of CSS

Joomla CMS templates (0)

BEST Joomla CMS templates

photoshop (2)

free download photoshop items

Ticket Count Restriction WHMCS (1)

Allow administrators to limit the number of tickets

whm (132)

about whm

WHMCS Affiliates Plus (1)

If you have a group of customers assigned to you

WHMCS Automatic cheat ticket request (1)

A reminder of fraudulent and fraudulent

WHMCS Automatic Email License (1)

User can automatically sign in to the customer

WHMCS Bandwidth Graphs (1)

WHMCS module for bandwidth graphs

WHMCS Cancel Billing (1)

Cancel all domain names that expire in addition

WHMCS Cancellation Addon (1)

Create a ticket to request cancellation

WHMCS Client Deletion (1)

This unit is one of the best units you need

WHMCS Client Username (1)

Sign in via username and not email

WHMCS Client Verification (1)

This unit is used with customers who use VPS hosting

WHMCS Client View Overview (1)

View client information within the client area

WHMCS Close Account (1)

Accounts in the absence of products are

WHMCS Credit Manager (1)

Check the balance within the client area

WHMCS Discount Manager (1)

The unit will offer a one-time discount

WHMCS Domain Auction (1)

Auction unit for buying and selling Domians

WHMCS Email Verification Pro (1)

This unit contains a choice you can choose

WHMCS Escalate Ticket (1)

The hosting companies have many Qadreen

WHMCS FastTrack Ticket (1)

This unit allows users to be charged for ticket prioritization

WHMCS GDPR Tools (1)

This module is a module that makes your website

WHMCS Hidden Services (1)

Hide products / domains that are terminated / canceled

WHMCS Intuit Merchant Gateway (1)

WHMCS QuickBooks QuickBooks is the complete solution

WHMCS Link Directory (1)

Submit the website for free or pay for review

WHMCS list of new domains (1)

Customers who are still using the current domain

WHMCS Log Prune (1)

Clean records tables for your clients automatically

WHMCS New Order Ticket (1)

This is an important unit for customers using

WHMCS PayPal Extended (1)

Check your PayPal email address and match


Add the PayPal payment icon to the Invoice view

WHMCS Phone Verification (1)

One of the great additions within WHMCS

whmcs Pin Support (1)

The WHMCS add-in allows customers to create pin support

WHMCS Product Auto Upgrade (1)

Automatically upgrade selected products

WHMCS Recommendations (1)

Customers can write and submit certificates

WHMCS Reply Above Font (1)

To clean up insignificant information

WHMCS Restrict Client (1)

Through this module you can restrict your customers

WHMCS Runtime Status (1)

Find out when your website is down

WHMCS Scheduling Appointments (2)

Through this module you can create a new appointment

WHMCS Seal Generator (1)

This is one of the best units that many users

WHMCS Server Control New (1)

You need to run services to monitor your websites

WHMCS SMS Manager (1)

SMS Manager SMS is an advanced system

WHMCS Staff Photo (1)

The unit will show your Gravatar code within

WHMCS Ticket Notes (1)

Add the note box inside the ticket management page

WHMCS UptimeRobot Status (1)

Be the first to know when your website is going down

WHMCS WhatsApp Admin (1)

The official receipt of tickets on the mobile phone

WHMCS WhoIs Online (1)

Identify customers within the responsible area

WhmcsS Stripe Balance Widget (1)

Check the balance in your account

wordpress (29)

free wordpress items

استخدام الخادم (8)

معلومات عن استخدام الخادم

استكشاف أخطاء قاعدة البيانات (2)

كيفيه استكشاف أخطاء قاعدة البيانات

اليمنتور elementor (14)

elementor الدورة الشاملة لتعلم اليمينتو من الصفر حتى الأحتراف

دورة تعلم الوردبريس (4)

تعلم الوردبريس و كيفيه انشاء المواقع بأستخدام الوردبريس

لوحه تحكم السى بنال (43)

كيفيه التحكم ف لوحه التحكم السي بانل

ما هو ... (1)

اسأله كثيره واجاباتها

مدير الملفات (4)

مدير الملفات

منشئ المواقع (8)

منشئ المواقع انشئ موقعك الأن بكل سهوله

مواقع بطيئة (2)

شرح اسباب بطئ المواقع

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