Astdafa Services for Web Design

Astdafa Services for Web Design

Astdafa Services for  Web Design

The ASTDAFA  company provides a lot of services to its customers in addition to more special offers and the most important services provided by:

Web design for companies and institutions

Web sites are designed for companies with the highest potential and the use of modern methods, as there are no longer large companies but need to boil websites, as it helps in a large and effective in the success of companies, allowing them the opportunity to work within the Internet and so on a much wider range, so Astdafa is always working on studying the company's project in a big way and identifying all the strengths and highlighting them to the customers in a simple way, taking care of the website interface of the company and making it a convenient official interface that does not bother the client to access any information, Inside the site and the electronic marketing of products, a simple control panel through which you can view new products and goods and offer offers and make the site more effective.

Design of school sites

Deloitte has a website for your school, through which students can follow the school's news and follow up the parents of all the different activities that take place within the different and continuous communication with the teachers and the administration department within the school, thus giving greater confidence to parents and make the school a better place.

Web Design Real Estate

The real estate companies are now better done on the Internet and the real estate websites are designed with special designs to suit them. The interface of the site is distinctively designed and more distinct to all properties, inside each property, all the details are mentioned. Purchase or lease. All the details are also presented to the company and the previous business so that the customer has sufficient confidence with the company and add a special page to communicate and inquire with customers and the possibility of sharing real estate on different social networking sites, adding some settings Within the site to facilitate the customer access to the property such as "Price filter, regions and countries", create a special section of the offers are controlled by those pages are simple through the control panel through which the removal and addition of real estate.

Web Design for Trading

Trade is now becoming more widely available over the Internet. Therefore, you can now start having a electronic stores designed with the best means possible, with seo search engines in mind. This will bring your business to millions of followers and build great popularity worldwide. We will study the details of your project fully. We contribute to the adaptation of these ideas within the professional design of your website, facilitate the process of selling and buying within the site and provide possibilities and ways to pay different, which helps to expand the scope of work.

Web Design News

Web sites are one of the most attractive sites to attract thousands and millions of visitors a day. Therefore, the primary goal of the owner of the news site is to profit from the site through advertising. Therefore, these sites are specially designed. Astdafa works on programming and designing news sites with accuracy, The visitor prefers to identify the news at high speed and high and can not tolerate the sites of slow speed, observing the criteria of search engines and archiving, which helps to export your site within the initial search results and thus get the number of visitors and views higher, the possibility of sharing news on the sites of communication In order to attract more visitors, the site is compatible with all devices to make it easier for visitors to follow the site anywhere.

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